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Helloo~ I have an Angel Box and I don’t know why I bought it so I decided to give it to someone c: / If this gets 200+ notes I will give my L’s Bravo Viewtiful away too~ (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ / 

- No giveaway blogs.
- Must be following me ≖‿≖
- Reblog 
as many times as you want
- I don’t care which fandom are you in. You can win this even if you are not a Teen Top fan. 
- You don’t have to do this but it would be nice if you follow my twitter

- Keep your ask box open. If I can’t contact you I will choose someone else.
- I will need your address. If you can’t give me your address I will choose someone else.
- If you don’t respond me in 24 hours I will choose someone else.

I will check everything.
Oh and I never used Angel Box (diary, pencils, dvd, stickers etc) I just opened it looked at photobook and closed it. 
Good luck everyone!! (✿◠‿◠)

*Giveaway will end on 29 november

Kim Myungsoo’s DATING ISSUE

Well.. As we—Inspirits— know about Kim Myungsoo’s so called “DATING ISSUES"… Everyone was very disappointed and sad and—of course—- depressed… Yeah… That’s what I feel too right now, don’t worry.

For this, my opinion is… “OUCH”… Seriously? Of all REAL Korean beauties that is SUITABLE for him, why that Plastic Doll girl?!  We all know that Myungsoo’s ideal type is PURE, INNOCENT, AND LONG WAVY HAIR….. Don’t you think, that KIM DOYEON is just those mere Sasaeng fan that causes trouble to idols?… Look, in my opinion—-she got a plastic surgery right?—-Remember the time where L actually drew his ideal type, don’t you think it looks like her?… Yeah… It MIGHT look like her, but everything’s FAKE… not like Myungsoo’s ideal type! Haaa~ Oh well… I don’t want to hate her… but it just won’t sink in… but on the second thought, WOOLLIM actually denied that their dating… Yeah… Like all entertainment companies do, “DENY EVERY DATING ISSUES ABOUT IDOLS” to protect their careers. There are still rumors that keep on spreading around the internet… Others kept on believing… Others kept on denying… But no matter what the truth is… We must accept it~! If we’re a true INSPIRIT, we must accept it… We should even support Myungsoo with what he chose in life. :D If that’s what he wants, then so be it. We’re here just to support him… Not to be a nuisance in his life and take care of his business. His dating issue isn’t our business, so let’s just accept it. Okay?… 

To be honest… It actually hurts, saying all these… but as an Inspirit.. :) We should support what Myungsoo’s decision in life… :) INSPIRIT FIGHTING! KIM MYUNGSOO FIGHTING! INFINTE FIGHTING!! \m/

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